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Tooth-Colored Fillings – New York City, NY

Safe, Natural-Looking Smile Repair

The vast majority of people will suffer from tooth decay at some point in their lives. Since teeth don’t heal themselves, it is important that you get any cavities filled as soon as possible — before they worsen to the point where they endanger your tooth’s long-term viability. At Drs. Boyd, we’re proud to offer tooth-colored fillings in New York City, NY. These restorations can stop tooth decay without downgrading your smile’s natural beauty.

What Are Tooth-Colored Fillings?

tooth-colored filling

For many decades, silver amalgam (a mix of silver, mercury, and other metals) was the material of choice for filling in cavities. Although the amalgam is quite durable, it comes with some major disadvantages, including the fact that its dark color clashes with the enamel around it. That is one of the reasons why many dentists and patients alike have come to prefer tooth-colored fillings.

As their name implies, tooth-colored fillings are shaded to match the dentition that surrounds them, making it difficult if not impossible for onlookers to tell that you’ve had any dental work done. Rather than being made out of metal, they are composed of a flexible composite resin, which is a mix of biocompatible plastic and other materials.

Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings

The aesthetic value of tooth-colored fillings is their most obvious advantage. Not only do they blend in with the enamel around them, but they will also never stain the teeth like amalgam fillings sometimes do. However, these remarkable little restorations are good for much more than keeping your smile’s beauty intact. Their other benefits include:

The Tooth-colored Filling Process

In most cases, placing a tooth-colored filling is a short and simple process. Depending on how deep the cavity is, your dentist in New York City may not even have to numb you. The process begins when we prepare the tooth by removing any areas of decay. Then, we insert the filling material and use a special light to cure it, helping it reach its maximum hardness within seconds. Finally, we shape the filling so it does not interfere with your bite. You’ll be able to eat and drink immediately after your procedure, but your tooth may be extra sensitive for a few days. Thus, you may want to temporarily avoid hot, cold, and sticky foods.

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