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TMJ / TMD Therapy - New York City, NY

Relieve Jaw Pain

Your temporomandibular joint (more commonly known as the TMJ) may be a small part of the body, but its level of responsibility is anything but. It connects your lower jaw (mandible) to the skull and works with related muscles to control the opening, closing, and gliding of the mouth. As a result, you’re able to speak clearly, eat favorite foods, and even yawn when you’re tired.

Unfortunately, the TMJ can fall victim to dysfunction and injury over time, the most common result of which is chronic, even debilitating jaw pain. If you are struggling on a daily basis with this type of focused discomfort, consider trusting your oral health in the capable hands of Drs. Boyd NYC’s Top-Rated Dentist Since 1930. Our team of experienced dentists will use effective therapy to relieve pain, restore long-lasting harmony to your oral structures, and help you smile freely again. Please contact us today to schedule your first appointment for TMJ/TMD therapy in New York City, NY.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Man in dental chair holding jaw

TMJ disorder can develop over time from several difference sources, including malocclusion (bite problems), a severe facial injury, and even the onset of arthritis. No two cases are identical, but patients should alert us if they experience any of the following symptoms on a regular basis:

During your consultation, the Drs. Boyd will thoroughly review your teeth and jaw with the help of X-rays. Once we’ve determined the severity of your condition, it will be time to start exploring possible therapy options that can give you back a confident, pain-free smile.

Equilibration / Occlusal Adjustments

Closeup of healthy smile

Oftentimes, the alignment of your teeth can be the source of TMJ-related pain. Ideally, every tooth should stand evenly so that they not only make contact with one another, but also share the load of your bite so that no one area has a heavier burden. If this isn’t the case, the Drs. Boyd can perform equilibration. Also known as occlusal adjustment, this technique involves adjusting the shape and position of certain teeth with restorative methods to reintroduce a sense of overall harmony to your smile.

Occlusal Splints

Clear occlusal splint

The most common type of TMJ therapy is the use of a custom-made occlusal splint. This type of appliance can have several long-lasting benefits for patients in need. If your particular case of TMJ disorder is being caused by habitual bruxism (teeth grinding), the splint will prevent dangerous contact between teeth more effectively. Also, the device will help to reposition the jaw into a more comfortable and proper position. After a prolonged period of diligent use, you may even be able to achieve permanent improvements with the splint’s help!

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