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Teeth Whitening Brightens Midtown East Smiles

Would you like a whiter and brighter smile? At Drs. Boyd we can make it happen with Zoom!™ whitening. Research shows that people with white teeth are thought to be smarter, more successful and even more popular. You can give yourself that edge with teeth whitening. Make an appointment today to learn more about Zoom!™ whitening. In most dental offices the hygienists do the Zoom!™ treatments. At Drs. Boyd, our dentists, Drs. Justin, Dr. Ned and Dr. Andrew, do the treatments themselves. It’s just another way the Drs. Boyd Midtown Manhattan dental practice sets itself apart from other dental offices. As a bit of background, over the years our teeth succumb to two types of stains: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic stains are on the enamel surface of your teeth and are usually caused by dark colored foods and beverages, such as coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, tomato sauce, soy sauce, strawberries, blueberries and more. In addition, smoking and chewing tobacco as well as normal wear and tear also contribute to extrinsic staining. Intrinsic staining forms inside your tooth in the dentin layer beneath the enamel. These stains are frequently the result of the natural aging process, traumatic injury, certain medications such as tetracycline, some forms of chemotherapy, and fluorosis or spotting on teeth caused by ingesting excessive amounts of fluoride when the teeth formed.

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Zoom! to Midtown Manhattan for a Bright Smile

An appointment for teeth whitening at Drs. Boyd takes about 90 minutes. With Zoom!™ in-office teeth whitening, you can quickly, easily and affordably have a smile that is several shades whiter and brighter. In addition, the Drs. Boyd offer complimentary trays to use whitening gel at home to enhance the in-office Zoom!™ treatment. The doctor may recommend you return in two to three weeks for a second one-hour session to boost the final whitening result. Maintaining your new white smile is easy – just be sure to brush and floss daily and schedule regular dental checkups. Also, do your best to avoid the foods and beverages that may have stained your teeth in the first place. With proper care and caution, your white smile will give you years and years of confidence and pleasure. Are you ready to schedule a Zoom!™ whitening appointment with Midtown Manhattan’s Drs. Boyd? If so, call our Madison Avenue office to reserve your visit. At Drs. Boyd we’re dedicated to offering exceptional general, implant, cosmetic, and restorative dental care.

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