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Sleep Apnea Frequently Asked Questions – New York City, NY

Get the Facts About Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Who Is Most Likely to Develop Sleep Apnea?

snoring man

There is a common misconception that only people who are out of shape develop obstructive sleep apnea in New York City — but that is far from the truth. Anyone, including athletes and children, may develop this condition. With that being said, it is worth noting that certain groups at a higher risk of OSA than others:

Can Lifestyle Changes Reduce the Severity of Sleep Apnea?

In many cases, yes. Losing weight, not consuming alcohol before bed, and quitting smoking can all have a positive effective on how well you breathe at night. Some individuals may benefit from changing their sleeping position or taking medication to help with nasal congestion.

However, if you suspect you have obstructive sleep apnea, you should not try to manage it with lifestyle changes alone. Getting a professional diagnosis and customized treatment plan from your dentist in New York City is the fastest, most reliable way to find relief from your condition.

Why Is Treating Sleep Apnea So Important?

Not treating sleep apnea will do more than make you tired. If you suffer from a chronic lack of high-quality sleep, you may develop chronic health conditions. For example, it may become more difficult for you to manage your weight, and you’ll be at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Fatigue can also slow down your reaction times and hinder your ability to concentrate, making it unsafe for you to drive or operate heavy machinery.

What Are the Benefits of Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Getting treated for sleep apnea will, of course, improve the quality of your sleep and help you avoid long-term health problems. However, the benefits go even further. Because sleep helps to regulate your mood, you may find that you are happier on a day to day basis. It is even possible that you will lose weight, be more productive at work, and have an increased sex drive. Also, your partner will be relieved that you aren’t snoring anymore!

What If Sleep Apnea Treatment Doesn’t Work?

A CPAP machine or custom oral appliance is effective in the vast majority of mild to moderate OSA cases. However, if you find that your treatment is not producing the results you hoped for, you may need to look into other options, such as surgery to reposition your jaw or remove some of the tissue that is blocking your airway at night.

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