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Sedation Dentist – New York City, NY

Relax & Receive Exceptional Dentistry

The Drs. Boyd offer New York City dental patients a variety of dental services to help them achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. Every treatment we offer is performed by Dr. Boyd and his dental team members who truly care about making patients feel welcome, comfortable, and free from pain throughout their time with us. Unfortunately, for some, more is needed to keep patients completely at ease and free from pain in our dental office. That’s when we recommend sedation dentistry in New York City, NY. We offer mild, effective sedative methods to ensure comfort during any dental treatment from a basic exam to complete smile makeovers. Call our New York City dental office to learn more or schedule an appointment.

Who should Consider Sedation Dentistry?

Relaxed woman in dental chair

Sedation dentistry includes everything from local numbing agents to general anesthesia which is the only true “sleep” dentistry option. In our dental office, we rely on mild sedatives to keep patient free from pain without significantly impacting their ability to keep up with their daily routines. Some patients who may want to consider dental sedation include:

What Sedative Options do You Offer?

We provide mild local anesthesia and nitrous oxide sedation. Our team uses the state-of-the-art Wand system to administer accurate local anesthetic dosage without pain or visible needles. Nitrous oxide is one of the longest used and most effective sedation options, and it allows our patients to receive the care they need without any unnecessary stress or discomfort.  For patients that have greater anxiety, we can administer oral anxiety reducing medications.

Nitrous oxide is effective for helping many individuals to relax throughout their dental treatment. However, some patients require a more powerful sedative, which is why we offer oral conscious sedation. You simply take a pill about an hour before your procedure. The drug relaxes you so that you may remain calm and comfortable during the procedure. It even produces a mild amnesiac effect so you are unlikely to remember what happened in the operatory.

Learn More About Oral Sedation

How does Nitrous Oxide Work?

Nitrous oxide sedation is administered via nasal mask. Patients lean back, relax, and breathe in the nitrous and oxygen combination. Within a few minutes, they feel completely relaxed and experience diminished pain reception. Throughout the most advanced treatments, we can continue to adjust the dosage to ensure complete comfort at all times. Best of all, the sedative effects wear away quickly too. That means you can go right back to your regular day to day schedule immediately following treatment – no need to have a family member drive you, no need to miss work or school, and no need to spend 12 to 24 hours recovering from the effects of sedation.

How Does the Wand Work?

The Wand is a local anesthesia option that offers patients completely painless treatment without the intimidating needles and spending hours feeling numb. A computer is used to administer a precise dosage of local anesthetic through a tiny injection needle hidden within a simple hand tool that looks a little like a wand. Unlike traditional injection methods, the Wand precisely targets the area to be treated. The rest of your mouth will feel completely normal, so you can usually go right back to your regular daily schedule directly following treatment. This includes eating, as long as you avoid chewing near the area that was numbed for a few hours.

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