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Comprehensive General & Preventive Dentistry

Dr. Norman W. Boyd III with a patientDrs. Boyd was established in 1930. Since then, our practice has built a reputation for providing exceptional service in all areas of dentistry, starting with general and preventive care. Whether you’re coming to our Madison Avenue practice for a professional dental cleaning and exam or for another service, you’ll receive the highest quality of treatment from our distinguished team. Every one of us is dedicated to helping you and your family enjoy a lifetime of good oral health.

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Our general and preventive services include:

Dental Cleanings

No matter how well you care for your smile at home, brushing and flossing alone aren’t enough to fully prevent some of the most common oral health problems. With routine professional dental cleanings, we can help you clean away biofilms: traces of bacteria and plaque you couldn’t reach on your own. We’ll also look for signs of decay or gum disease during your visit and talk with you about receiving additional treatment if necessary. For a truly healthy smile, we recommend visiting Drs. Boyd at least twice a year for your professional cleanings and exams.

First Visit

On your first visit to Drs. Boyd, you can expect to be warmly greeted by our front office team. You can also expect a friendly encounter with your hygienist and your doctor. Trust is essential for any doctor-patient relationship, and we will use your first visit to start laying the groundwork for what we hope will be a long friendship. We’ll also complete a comprehensive evaluation and cleaning.  We want to have a full understanding of your needs so we can provide the most personalized service possible.


Decay can have a devastating effect on your oral health. But with sealants, you can enjoy extra protection for your teeth. Sealants are applied as a liquid to the chewing surfaces teeth and then are hardened to form a thin plastic coating that shields them from decay-causing bacteria. Though it only takes a short appointment to apply sealants, they can provide added protection for years to come.

Digital X-Rays

With the advent of digital radiography, looking into the mouths of our patients has become both simpler and safer. Previously, x-rays had to be developed in a darkroom with hazardous chemicals. Taking x-rays with digital radiography, exposes patients to 90% less radiation than traditional x-ray film. Instead they can be displayed almost immediately on a monitor, where you and your doctor can look at them together. The images captured by digital radiography are also clearer and more detailed, allowing us to more accurately diagnose your needs.

Night Guards

Unconscious teeth grinding—known as bruxism—is a common reaction to stress. Some struggle with it during the day, but it’s even more common at night, while asleep. If left untreated, this problem can harm your teeth, as well as the muscles and tissues around the jaw. The good news is that relief is possible with a custom-made night guard. A night guard is an orthodontic appliance designed to prevent grinding and clenching. If you’re struggling with frequent teeth grinding, or if you’d like to learn more about treating bruxism with a night guard, visit our Madison Avenue office for a special consultation.

Athletic Mouth Guards

If you’re an athlete, you need a mouth guard—even if you don’t happen to play a contact sport. In addition to protecting your teeth, a properly fitting mouth guard will help protect you’re your lips, tongue, face, and jaw. Recent research indicates that a mouth guard may reduce the severity of concussions. At Drs. Boyd we’re happy to offer custom-made mouth guards to help active patients protect their smiles.

Prescription and OTC Toothpastes, Oral Rinses and Mouthwashes

We can recommend, prescribe and dispense specially fluoridated toothpastes such as Prevident 5000 Plus, and prescription oral rinses such as PerioGard,  as well as, over-the-counter mouthwashes and rinses such as ACT, Breath Rx, and  CloSys, as indicated for your dental health.

Are you ready to schedule your next appointment with Drs. Boyd? Call our Madison Avenue office to reserve your visit. We’re dedicated to offering exceptional general, cosmetic, and restorative dental care.

Our services include: