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Gum Disease Therapy New York City, NY

Better Oral & Overall Health 

Periodontal (gum) disease is one of the most prevalent, yet often dismissed, diseases affecting American adults. According to some estimates, almost half of all people over 35 struggle with some form of gum disease, whether it’s the early form known as gingivitis or the most advanced form known as periodontitis. Regardless of what stage you may be in, the dental team at Drs. Boyd NYC’s Top-Rated Dentist Since 1930 is prepared to help. With periodontal therapy in New York City, NY, we can treat or manage your symptoms while improving your overall health as well as the beauty of your smile.

What are the symptoms of gum disease? What are its symptoms? Keep reading to learn more about the condition and how it’s treated. Then request an appointment at the Drs. Boyd for the help you need today.

What is Gum Disease/Gingivitis?

Man with healthy teeth and gums

Gum disease is an infection in your gums that occurs when the bacteria that accumulates in plaque causes inflammation and bleeding in the gums. As the inflammation worsens, large pockets form around the teeth and allow for an even greater accumulation of bacteria. Very deep pockets are a sign of severe infection, and they eventually may cause the loosening and total loss of teeth. The most common cause is poor oral hygiene.

What are the Symptoms of Gum Disease?

Animations of healthy and unhealthy teeth and gums

Often, the earliest symptoms of gum disease are painless and mild. That’s why frequent checkups are so essential. With regular care, our Madison Avenue dental team can diagnose gum disease early, before your symptoms have time to become more advanced. Keep an eye out for the indications of gum disease to ensure you receive the prompt diagnosis and treatment you need.

The most common warning signs of gum disease include:

Treating gum disease will help you preserve your smile and your overall health. If you have any of the symptoms of gum disease, please don’t wait to get in touch with the Drs. Boyd.

What are the Effects of Gum Disease?

Animation of progressive gum disease

At first, an infection in the gums seems like it wouldn’t be all that serious, but the effects of gum disease don’t stop with your oral health. The mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body, and gum disease has been linked with a range of other health problems. People who have gingivitis or periodontitis are more likely to experience conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and even premature birth in pregnant women.

How is Gum Disease Treated?

Closeup of patient receiving dental exam

In its early stage, gum disease can usually be easily reversed. Our team will give you advice on improving your oral hygiene habits at home to better remove the plaque and bacteria that cause infection. You will need to visit our dental office for a couple of extra appointments to ensure the infection heals and doesn’t come back.

If the infection is more serious, we’ll recommend periodontal therapy to heal your gums. The nonsurgical scaling and root planing procedure cleans above and below the gum line, removing bacterial buildup. It is often combined with antibiotic therapy for maximum healing. Several appointments may be needed to fully rid your gums of infection.

Some gum disease cases may call for surgical treatment. Gum grafting might be necessary to replace tissue that has been lost due to the infection.

Scaling & Root Planing

Closeup of smile during gum exam

If a routine cleaning cannot successfully treat a patient’s case of gum disease, then our team will need to go deeper to eliminate the infection with an in-depth procedure known as scaling and root planing. During this process, we target damaging accumulations of bacteria underneath the gum line and then smooth the tooth root surfaces as well to prevent further plaque build-up. This procedure will typically take a few different appointments, depending on the severity of the patient’s condition.

Learn More About Scaling and Root Planing

Antibiotic Therapy

Hand holding white antibiotic tablet pills

After performing scaling and root planing or soft tissue laser therapy to revitalize the gum tissue, our dentists want to help patients maximize the success of treatment. Antibiotic therapy is available as a supplement and will be applied directly to the gum tissue. Its presence will work over a period of time to eliminate any dangerous bacteria that have been inadvertently left behind during the initial treatment process.

Preventing Gum Disease is Easy

There is good news! Gum disease is easy to prevent with semi-annual cleanings and checkups and by practicing daily oral hygiene habits. By brushing and flossing regularly and seeing your dentist in New York City, you will greatly reduce your risk of developing gum disease. Also, be sure to remember to avoid tobacco and maintain a balanced diet.

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