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Dental Implants Improving Midtown East Smiles

Do you need to replace one or more teeth? Consider restorative care with dental implants. This versatile service can help you achieve results that are more lifelike and natural than what you can get with traditional prosthetics. That’s because implants have a structure that mimics nature’s design, with a crown to replace your missing tooth, plus a titanium implant that takes the place of your missing tooth root. This combination yields results that are strong, functional, and beautiful.

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Single Teeth

For patients who need to replace just one tooth, an implant-retained crown can be a better option than a fixed bridge. Your crown will be supported by just one implant, which will be surgically placed in your jawbone to provide it with lifelike support. Your implant will also nourish your jawbone, encouraging it to produce new bone tissue instead of atrophying. A single implant can be more a conservative choice than something like a traditional bridge because a bridge requires making changes to nearby teeth. If you’d like to learn more about this treatment option, don’t hesitate to contact our office on Madison Avenue.

Implant-Retained Bridges and Dentures

Dr. Andrew Boyd & Dr. Norman Boyd III talking In addition to helping patients replace a single tooth with a dental implant, we can also help patients replace a few teeth or even a full row of teeth. To do this, we’ll use a special implant-retained bridge or denture. Your bridge or denture will be carefully crafted according to your needs and will feel like a natural part of your smile once it’s in place. Your treatment will be completed over two phases. In the first phase, your implants will be surgically placed in your jaw and then given time to fuse with the jawbone. Then, in the second phase, we’ll attach your bridge, partial or full denture, completing your smile and your treatment.

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