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All-Ceramic Dental Crowns – Midtown, New York, NY

Beautiful, Long-Lasting Tooth Restorations

Decay or trauma to a tooth can decrease its function, cause you significant pain, and even affect your smile’s appearance. Fortunately, Drs. Boyd offers restorative solutions, such as all-ceramic dental crowns in Midtown, that can improve your oral health and help you to enjoy an absolutely gorgeous smile. Below, you will learn what all-ceramic crowns are, what you can expect during the treatment process, and the benefits you may reap from them.

What Are All-Ceramic Dental Crowns?

Woman with beautiful smile thanks to all-ceramic dental crowns in Midtownt

A dental crown is a restoration that we place over the entire visible portion of a tooth — everything above the gumline. Its job is to protect the tooth from damage, as well as renew its form and function. Crowns can also work in conjunction with other restorative treatments, such as dental implants, to replace missing teeth altogether. Traditionally, dental crowns are made out of gold or other metals. However, we favor all-ceramic crowns because they look incredibly natural.

In addition to their restorative applications, all-ceramic dental crowns can also be used for purely cosmetic reasons. For example, they can disguise aesthetic issues like severe discoloration or a misshapen or broken tooth in Midtown.

What Is the Process for Placing an All-Ceramic Crown?

Illustration of all-ceramic dental crown being placed on tooth

First, we will have to prepare the tooth. This usually involves remove a bit of its enamel so the crown will fit well. Once the tooth is ready, we take detailed digital impressions and use those as the basis for designing the restoration. Then, we place a temporary crown on the tooth to protect it while our master ceramist fabricates the permanent crown. Once the permanent crown is ready, you will come back for a second appointment, wherein we will verify that its shape, size, and color are all perfect before we permanently attach it to its designated tooth.

Benefits of All-Ceramic Dental Crowns

Confident man enjoying benefits of all-ceramic dental crown

The most obvious benefit of all-ceramic dental crowns is their aesthetic appeal. Not only are they the same color as teeth, but they even reflect light in a manner similar to that of natural teeth. Hence, onlookers should never be able to tell that you have had some restorative work done on your smile.

Additional benefits that all-ceramic dental crowns offer include:

Do you believe an all-ceramic crown may be a good fit for your smile? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our team of experts. We have multiple on-staff prosthodontists who will work to ensure that your restoration is as beautiful, functional, and durable as possible. 

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