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Three Reasons to Make Your Smile Your New Year’s Resolution

January 10, 2020

With the 2020 New Year upon us it is a great time to make some resolutions and improve ourselves.  Why not make this year about caring for your oral health?  There are many reasons why taking care of your teeth is a great resolution.  The Drs. Boyd in Midtown East go over the top three.


Sedation Dentistry: Relaxation is Possible in the Dental Chair

November 4, 2019

Woman in dental clinic wearing a nose mask

Dental anxiety can be rough.  It paralyzes patients from seeing the dentist, taking care of dental problems or prevent them from doing esthetic dentistry to improve their smiles.  At the Drs. Boyd in midtown Manhattan, we work with patients to help manage their anxiety but many times patients need something extra for relaxation.  This is why we offer our patients the benefit of sedation dentistry.


How to Cope With Dental Anxiety

October 23, 2019

Frightened woman at the dentist office.

Let’s face it, the dentist office is not the first place people tend to want to go.  Most dental procedures are not painful but even just examining someone’s teeth can cause a level of anxiety.  Dental fear and dental anxiety is a problem that faces as many as 20% of Americans. Unfortunately the problem often snowballs, the less people go (or never at all) the worse and more serious any potential problems will tend to be.   This is why at Drs. Boyd we take every step to ensure that patients feel comfortable and we take away their anxiety.  Here we will discuss what brings about dental phobia and how we can deal with it!


7 Myths of Teeth Whitening

September 26, 2019

There are SO many “tips and tricks” for teeth whitening.  I am here to remove some of the myths about bleaching your teeth.

Photo of woman smiling.

Whitening Toothpaste Whitens Teeth


Top 5 Questions from Patients on Bleaching Teeth

September 4, 2019

Before and after images of whitened teeth

People want whiter and brighter smiles these days.  We are all being bombarded with every facet of teeth whitening product from over the counter whitening strips to activated charcoal.  Drs. Boyd wants to clear up the confusion on bleaching teeth and answer our most common questions from patients.


Six Habits That Damage Your Teeth (And What to Do Instead!)

September 16, 2016

Filed under: General Dentistry — drsboyd @ 11:11 am

Portrait of a very worried woman!If you are guilty of any of the following habits, you’re not alone. Many people place their smiles in harm’s way on a daily basis — and they often don’t even realize they’re endangering their dental health. Protect your smile by learning about these six habits that damage teeth, and how you can break them!


Problems With Wisdom Teeth? Common Warning Signs

July 1, 2016

Filed under: General Dentistry — Tags: , , , — drsboyd @ 12:29 pm

Don't ignore the pain!We know them as the “wisdom” teeth — but these third molars often cause painful issues when
they erupt. It can be difficult to identify problems with your wisdom teeth, but recognizing an issue is important when extraction is necessary. Is your pain related to your wisdom teeth? And why is wisdom tooth removal needed, anyway? Let’s take a closer look at these and other questions related to the third molars — the
Drs. Boyd are your wisdom teeth experts.


Dentists in Midtown Manhattan on Gum Disease & Heart Risks

June 1, 2016

Filed under: General Dentistry,Health Benefits — drsboyd @ 8:04 am

dentist in midtown manhattanThis June, your dentists in Midtown Manhattan are honoring national Men’s Health Month and Father’s Day by raising awareness of the importance of good preventive dental care for all of our patients. Did you know that an infection in your gums or periodontal disease, can lead to serious problems with your overall wellbeing? Heart problems are associated with the condition that affects some 75 percent of Americans. Keep reading to learn more from the Drs. Boyd! (more…)

Flossing Should Be More Than Just a Spring Cleaning

April 18, 2016

Filed under: General Dentistry,Health Benefits,Kids Dentistry — drsboyd @ 10:16 am

flossingWhile floss was invented in 1815, it doesn’t get the respect it deserves in most people’s daily oral hygiene routines. Many view flossing as unnecessary and an inconvenience. Yet, if you aren’t flossing daily, you’re opening the door to a wide range of oral health complications. Adding flossing to your daily hygiene routine not only creates a cleaner, healthier smile, but also decreases your risk for developing painful dental complications, including gum disease, tooth decay, and even tooth loss. At Drs Boyd, we are committed to helping you have a healthy, long-lasting smile, which is why we encourage you to floss properly each day. (more…)

Midtown Manhattan Dentists Drs. Boyd Cast a Vote for Water

March 1, 2016

Filed under: General Dentistry,Health Benefits — drsboyd @ 10:31 am

Woman choosing mineral water in grocery store.
Do you prefer your water flat or fizzy? If you answered fizzy, then Drs. Boyd, the dentists Midtown Manhattan residents turn to for comprehensive dental care, would like to sway your vote. In addition to carbonation concerns, the Drs. Boyd’s platform supports drinking water from the tap. Plain bottled water and sparkling waters do not have fluoride. And, fluoride is very important for your dental health. (more…)

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