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Three Reasons to Make Your Smile Your New Year’s Resolution

January 10, 2020

With the 2020 New Year upon us it is a great time to make some resolutions and improve ourselves.  Why not make this year about caring for your oral health?  There are many reasons why taking care of your teeth is a great resolution.  The Drs. Boyd in Midtown East go over the top three.

The Mouth is the Gateway to the Body

Diseases of the mouth have a significant impact on the rest of our body.  The bacteria that builds up on teeth causes inflammation of the gum tissue and infiltration of that bacteria and other inflammatory chemicals into our blood stream.  Poor oral health leads to an increased likelihood of heart attack and stroke.  The inflammation of the mouth creates inflammation within the blood vessels which creates a higher risk for arterial plaques to form and break off.  The inflammation also creates higher pressure in the vessels themselves.  There is also current research that suggests bad oral health is associated with premature birth and low birth weight.  This New Year, it is important to remember to take care of your whole body to have the best long term health.

Your Smile is One of the First Things People Notice About You

First impressions are a huge factor in how people think and feel about you for the rest of your relationship with them.  Whether we like it or not we are often judged by our appearance.   According to a Kelton study, many Americans say teeth are a standout feature when it comes to what they notice and recall when they first meet someone.  People are more likely to remember something that they find attractive than something that is unpleasant.  This is why it is so important to take good care of your teeth and maintain a nice healthy smile.  Fortunately, there is very high quality dental care available today.  We can provide thorough dental cleanings that leave gums healthy and teeth looking clean.  There are also ways to brighten your smile with in-office teeth whitening or go for perfection with porcelain laminate veneers.  Put forth the best version of yourself this 2020 with glistening smile.

Better Teeth Can Lead to Better Jobs

We know that your teeth are one of the first things people look at and also what creates a positive memory in their minds but did you know having a nice smile can land you a better job?  Having a straight nice smile give the perception of success and professionalism.  Americans are 45% more likely to choose someone for a job that has straight teeth versus someone that does not with the exact same skill set.  This does not just apply to straight versus crooked teeth.  This also applies to how healthy and clean someone’s smile is as well.  So lets start taking care of ourselves so that we can improve our professional lives!

As you can see, there are many great reasons to put your teeth and oral health at the top of you New Year’s resolutions.  The Drs. Boyd are here to help bring that goal to fruition.  Whether you want to improve your oral health with a deep cleaning or turn your smile around with Invisalign/Invisible braces and porcelain laminate veneers, they are here to help you out.  Give our office a call to schedule a consultation today, (212) 755-9055.

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