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How a Dental Checkup in Midtown East Can Protect Your Hearing

March 12, 2019

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hard of hearing

Whether you’re engaging in casual conversation with friends and family, listening to the radio, or trying to safely cross the street, your hearing is an invaluable asset. You can protect your hearing by avoiding prolonged exposure to loud noises, caring for your overall health, and making sure that you maintain a clean mouth. Yes, a dental checkup in Midtown East may be one of the keys to keeping your sense of hearing operating at its best. Let’s discuss the fascinating link between your oral health and your ability to hear.

How Hearing Works

Your ears and your brain work together to discern and interpret sounds. When your outer ear collects sound waves, it channels the vibrations into the middle ear. The middle ear contains the smallest bones in the body, which vibrate in response to sound. Those vibrations travel to the inner ear, where they stimulate fluid and tiny hair cells. Then, the ear translates the vibrations into electrical impulses that your brain can make sense out of.

Hearing is a delicate process with many steps involved. If any of the structures involved in hearing suffer damage, it may become more difficult for you to enjoy the rich variety of sounds around you.

Hearing and Oral Health

If you do not maintain a clean mouth, harmful bacteria will accumulate in your oral cavity. The bacteria do more than just cause cavities. It also leads to gum disease and inflammation. The inflammation affects blood circulation and can occur throughout the body, particularly in areas that are close to the gums — including the ears. Because the hair cells in the ear require good blood circulation to function at their best, they may suffer significant damage if oral bacteria hinder blood flow in the area.

Protect Your Mouth, Protect Your Ears

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to protect your hearing from oral health-related inflammation. Sticking to a good daily oral hygiene routine is a key part of fighting harmful bacterial accumulation. You should brush your teeth twice a day, floss once a day, and be mindful of your sugar consumption.

Regular dental checkups are also pivotal. A professional cleaning can rid your mouth of tartar, a hard, bacteria-filled substance that a regular toothbrush can’t remove. During these routine appointments, your dentist in Midtown East will also evaluate your mouth for signs of oral health problems like gum disease. They may be able to address such issues before they become worse and pose a threat to your overall health, including your sense of hearing.

Some hearing loss is natural and comes with age, but that’s no reason not to do everything you can to protect this precious sense. Work with your dentist to maintain a clean mouth and thereby safeguard your ears from harmful inflammation.

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